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Britons believe they are home décor trendsetters

A new poll has discovered that Britons are surprisingly confident when it comes to their flair for home decor.


Research on more than 3,000 people by HomeSense found that 52 per cent of respondents believe their homes are more tastefully decorated than their friends' and neighbours', with two in three rating their own style as 'excellent'.


Leeds residents were most confident about their decorating capabilities, followed by Mancunians and those from Chichester.


In addition, ten per cent told pals their new pieces cost more than they really did in order to give an impression of exclusivity. Designer Danielle Proud said: "The vibe is less 'keeping up with the Joneses', more 'the Joneses had better keep up with me'!"


It comes after an Anglian Home Improvements poll found that a third of Brits have carried out home improvements to ensure they have the most attractive house in their street, while a fifth confessed it was so they could outdo the people next door.


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