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Strength of Vision

The Louvolite Vision Blind continues its growth in popularity since its launch last year. 

The four Vision fabric ranges each present a different option, from a classic style to an upmarket high lustre product using a trendy black warp in the weave. Eighteen popular colourways are offered in the Vision presentation section.

The Vision blind is essentially a single piece of fabric with alternating solid and translucent fabric strips woven horizontally across the width. As the blind is raised the solid and transparent panels pass each other in an incredibly entertaining dance which is almost hypnotic. The operator can stop the blind at any time during its travel and position the bands so that they offer a view through the blind or offer full privacy.

The fabric rolls through a specialised bottom bar that is uniquely designed to cetralise the fabric and also ensures the faces of the fabric are in close proximity to ensure good closure of the blind when privacy is required.

The result is a sensational, contemporary window blind that will look great in any room in the home.

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