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The Luxe interior Trend That's Here to Stay

The versatility of marble has made it one of the most coveted and used interior design trends for years. An interior feature since the 70s, marble flaunts an air of wealth and elegance that sits subtly amongst almost any décor scheme.

The daunting task of redecorating to incorporate a theme is irrelevant here: marble embellishes just about anything it sits next to. Dusty pinks, bright whites and moody jewel tones; you can introduce marble no matter the season or scheme.

Fabric: Cellular Halo Birch in Perfect Fit frame.

Marble promotes a statement of cleanliness and purity, perfect for rooms where hygiene is noted most which may explain its prominence in kitchens and bathrooms. Although available in a vast variety of tones and characters, marble generally brightens décor, reflecting light beautifully and making its presence known amongst even the most maximal of décor!

Fabric: Marble Silver Roller Blind

An easy way to introduce a touch of luxury into your home, marble can complement both traditional and contemporary interiors depending on how you style it. High contrast interiors with minimal furnishings and a sleek design will certainly promote a modern appeal whereas metallics and velvets may lend itself more to the traditional art-deco look.

Fabric: Marble Silver Roller Blind

So why do we love marble? It’s simple design and intricacy of veins makes it the most subtle yet eye-catching statement for the home. It’s ability to illuminate soft light makes it a striking feature within any home. The irregularity of marble makes it one of the most interesting patterns to work with and certainly one we have fallen in love with. Character, personality and luxury in one.

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