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Meet our Designer...



Firstly, what's your role at Louvolite?

I am the senior Creative Designer.

How would you describe your style?

I am a massive fan of Scandinavian design and mid-century modern – the perfect pairing!

Scandinavian design is all about minimalism, simple and clean lines, functionality, and pared back style. Generally walls are light to draw in the natural light and the use of natural materials in furniture and wood flooring add an instant layer of warmth. Layers of textures are created using throws, blankets and cushions which make an area soft and inviting and add interest to a space.

What is your favourite room in the home?

That’s a tough one! I love our sitting room – it’s a good size so we were able to fit in a large corner sofa – there’s room for all the family to snuggle up on for movie nights!

If I had to pick one it would be our kitchen/diner –we knocked two rooms into one and added an extension so we have a great space. It’s light airy so is perfect for most situations whether we are cooking, eating, working or having gatherings with friends and family (when we are allowed to!) – there is plenty of space for dancing!

Where do you draw your inspiration from when designing?

Pinterest is my go-to. I also follow lots of designers and brands on Instagram as it’s a great way of watching trends and spotting what’s up and coming from big designer brands to independent retailers, stylists and bloggers. I think the internet has made interior design/styling/trend awareness more accessible to everyone.

What's your choice of blinds in the home?

I love Vision blinds – the majority of my blinds at home are motorised Vision blinds. They give us so much flexibility with light control and privacy. I also think the streamlined nature of this products sits well with any interior style, weather traditional or modern.

Favourite trend from 2020?

There are so many to choose from! I am a huge fan of ‘Scandi Luxe’ – a look that combines modern Scandinavian design and vintage charm with an injection of glamour and luxury.

I have recently renovated my home so I am now in the process of decorating and styling it and I’m really keen to incorporate this look. I have started with a simple colour scheme of whites, greys and soft neutrals on the walls and floors, which have helped to create a really light and open space. I’m now adding key pieces of furniture and layering with soft furnishings, but I think the secret to this look is less is more so I need to make sure I use just the right amount of colour and texture.

What would you consider a timeless trend?

Mid Century Modern style somehow never goes out of style. The look is still everywhere and shows no sign of slowing down. The 1950’s chic furniture and natural woods still influence designs today. So to do the iconic geometric textile designs, still widely reproduced and used for inspiration today. The geometric forms create a lively look with playful lines and silhouettes in bold, eye-catching colours.

Biggest trend prediction for 2021?

I think the ‘British Heritage’ trend will continue to grow, especially after the turbulent year we’ve had (with the pandameic and of course Brexit). By looking into the past we are able to take forward the best ideas into the present and with heritage comes authenticity and credibility. Beautiful florals, regal motifs and an abundance of textures such as wools and herringbones are paramount to this look. This trend is also synonymous with the desire for sumptuous and indulgent jewel tones, often seen in Velvets and plains.

Have you ever had to compromise with your other half on a decor piece/project you hate?

Not really as I generally get to call all the shots when it comes to the interior design for our home. As this is part of what I do for my job, and it’s my passion, my husband says he trusts me with that side of things! However there have been a few things he was very definite about – such as not letting me paint our bedroom blush pink!! We agreed on Farrow & Ball ‘Downpipe’ as an accent wall – a dramatic dark grey that I love as it creates such a cosy atmosphere. We’ve used this colour in our living room too for that same reason! (I got my blush pink in the end though as I managed to sneak in blush pink side tables!).

How to you conduct trend research?

Our initial trend research takes us around Europe (usually!) as we attend textiles trade fairs to identify emerging trends. We then scour the Internet for inspiration, trend reports and blogs to solidify our initial findings. We also visit flagship retail stores and consistently scan social media.

Having identified a number of trends that we feel are important, the challenge is to focus on the ones that are suitable and relatable to our market place. We understand that blinds are not fast fashion and that they are more of a considered purchase, rather than throwaway fashion. You want to enjoy the product for many years. We are also aware that traditionally people dress their windows as the last thought but we think now that people may choose their blind first and decorate the room around it. So as a result we need to make sure that our collection has not only the classic safe colours and fabric types covered, but also the eye-catching statement ones too.

Describe your forever home...

I have always loved period properties from the Victorian era and dreamed about high ceilings, large window and period features and I thought this would be the style of house I would settle in. But as it turns out my husband and I bought a 1930’s property that we have spent the last few years renovating. We saw the potential and loved the large garden it came with so set about making it our dream home. We are fortunately at the nice stage now of adding all the furnishings and finishing touches, but we have done a huge amount of work. What I love about it now are the light airy spaces we have created and I have gone with more of a modern look that perhaps I wouldn’t have done in a Victorian house. I have managed to incorporate some of the Scandi and mid century style I love so much and I have tried to keep things pared back (which is not easy with two children). The key is good storage, something I am working on still but I love the challenge!

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