Styling Children's Bedroom Blinds

Children's bedroom blinds are so important, allowing you to adjust your child's view on the world, provide them with some privacy, and control light levels so that they can get the right amount of sleep at any time of day or night.

So it's important to choose the right children's blinds, to make sure that when you close the blinds, the window is just as interesting and entertaining as when the blinds are open.

Louvolite's fantastic range of fabrics for children's bedroom blinds makes it easy to give your youngster something to look at, with educational options to help give them a headstart on their schooling too.

Themes for Children's Blinds

You can see all our fabrics for children's blinds on our Samples page. Just tick 'Children's Prints' under 'Designs & Finishes' to filter down to our most child-friendly fabrics.

Here you'll find a few common themes:

Letters and Numbers

Including educational prints like ABC Characters and Times-Tables Multi, both brightly coloured and fun designs that can help your child learn their alphabet or multiplication.

Animals and Nature

Featuring patterns like Dinosaurs Prehistoric, Night Safari, Wild Garden Poppy and Wild Thing Safari, all of which connect your child with the natural world.

Myths and Monsters

Starring mythical characters like Mermaids of Mayflower Bo Indigo and Unicorn Magic Whimsical, perfect for imaginative little minds.

Night Sky

Look to the stars with our glow-in-the-dark Night Night Glow fabric or our solar system inspired Planetarium Cosmos, and inspire your budding astronomer from their earliest years.

Shapes and Colours

If you don't want a pictorial pattern, we have plenty to choose from including our geometric Polygon prints and the simple polka-dot stars of Cosmic Dream Blush.

Children's Blinds Colour Palette

Colour schemes are hugely important for children's bedroom blinds, as you want your blinds to be interesting but not too distracting at bedtime.

That's why our range of children's blinds fabrics feature a diverse colour palette, and a combination of vibrant and muted tones depending on whether you want the room to be primarily for sleeping, or to double as a playroom.

Night Night Glow is something special - one of our most efficient energy-saving fabrics by day, and an effective blackout blind at night dotted with glowing stars when the lights turn out.

Safety of Children's Bedroom Blinds

When you tuck your child into bed at night, you want to know that they will be safe until morning. That's why Louvolite children's bedroom blinds are designed with child safety in mind.

All window blinds must meet certain child safety standards, but we offer a number of options that go beyond the bare necessities:

• Crank handle and detachable child safety wand operation

• Soft-rise spring return to raise roller blinds to a preset position

• Monocommand wand control for panel, vertical and Allusion blinds

• One Touch motorised blinds for zero-contact remote control

• Cord tidies and easy-break connectors for blinds with cords or chains

These are not only child-safe window blinds, they are safe for young people to open and close unsupervised - just ask your local Louvolite stockist if you would like to know more, and we'll help you to choose the child safety features that give you the best peace of mind.