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Achieve the
Mid-Century Modern look

The easiest way to describe mid-century modern is a mixture of old and new that is sophisticated, inviting and versatile. Popular in the 1950s - the postwar era, architects and designers pushed futuristic ideas with a massive shift from classical designs. It was about opening spaces up, enjoying company within your space and blurring the line between inside and out.

So how can you effectively achieve the mid-century modern look? Incorporate functional, sturdy pieces, particularly vintage wood furniture, tactile furnishings like velvet or boucle and plush rugs. Pick pieces that have interest, like a contemporary blind such as Terrazzo Gold or Heron Lupin. Finish off with plants and artwork to match but remember to keep your decor pared back as it was an era of open minimalism.​

As always lighting is essential when creating that sophisticated feel in your mid-century modern living room. Ditch cold spotlights and go for warm lighting. Stand-out ceiling pendants in gold, brass or black metals, a mix of sleek walnut floor lamps and curvy glossed-ceramic table lamps that glow up focal areas

Let’s dive deeper into these colours!

Immerse your décor in hues of reds, yellows and oranges, grounded by olives and browns. The rich, earthy colours and tactile textiles contrast beautifully against the clean lines of your walnut pieces, and really brings the essence of the era into your home. ​

Warm Tones​


Creating a mid-century modern look calls for the use of sophisticated and earthy colours and this one fits the bill perfectly.

Our stylist has expertly combined our Coppice Copper with other warm elements, resulting in a highly inviting and effortlessly cool atmosphere. The lustrous branches of Coppice climb up the soft metallic fabric, creating a style statement at the window.

Warm Tones​


Using red tones, you can create a cosy feel even in the coldest of rooms. This shade is a staple shade when it comes to mid-century modern and it is great to use in any room of your house.

Try to experiment like our stylist with Azalea Retro, by adding terracotta plant pots or rich burgundy throws & cushions as accessories to complement with blinds.

Warm Tones​


Yellow is a fab colour choice for those seeking a 1970s-inspired retro decor. Opt for deep, rich shades like mustard to bring a nostalgic flair to your space.

To achieve an authentic mid-century modern vibe, we’ve paired our Terrazzo Gold with mid and dark-tone wood accessories. This combination will transport you back in time while adding a contemporary twist to your interior design.

Achieving the perfect mid-century modern look involves striking a balance with your colour palette. Pair your warm shades with cool colours for a captivating contrast. Create a sense of drama by incorporating darker cool tones, or use them as accents alongside lighter, more vibrant versions in your retro-themed rooms. By playing with these contrasting elements, you'll master the art of mid-century

Cool Tones​


When designing your mid-century modern space, incorporating green can add a ton of visual interest. Whether it's in bedrooms or living rooms, green is a versatile and calming colour that doesn't sacrifice on drama. In this particular look, our stylist expertly chose Strand in the shade Moss Green to highlight the retro-inspired charm of the living room.

Embrace the power of green to create a captivating and inviting mid-century modern ambiance.

Cool Tones​


In mid-century design, blue holds a significant place as an essential cool colour, particularly navy. As you can see with our Roller Birdsong Daybreak, the playful mix of blue tones within the retro print not only captivates the eye but creates a striking mid-century statement. This versatile blind won't disappoint as it adds a timeless style to your space.

Cool Tones​


While black may not be the brightest shade in the mid-century modern colour palette, its importance should not be underestimated. Just like beige, black serves as an anchor to bring sophistication to a space amidst a mix of playful colours.

Incorporating black fabrics, such as our Vision Capri Black, pays homage to the masculine mid-century style and maintains the overall theme you're aiming for. Show off the power of black to add depth to your mid-century inspired interior.

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