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Everything You Need To know About Urban Shutters

Everything You Need To know About

About Urban Shutters

Shutters are one of the most sought after window dressing options today. Why? Striking the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary they’re a perfect option for any interior and with the long list of benefits they offer it’s easy to see why in 2020 they took the interiors world by storm. If you’re considering shutters or you’re unsure what they could offer, we’ve broken down eveyrthing you need to know about Urban Shutters below...

They’re Aesthetically Beautiful...

Firstly, they’re beautiful in their design! Sleek and elegant they really give a luxurious aesthetic to any room. Shutters create a grandiosity of detail and dimension you won’t find with many other window coverings and not only are they captivating from the inside, they give a serious statement from the outside too. For a super clean and minimal appearance there’s even an option to hide the tilt rod!


They’re Custom Made in the UK

Your shutters will be custom made in the UK at our manufacturing plant to match your exact specifications. To ensure they’re perfect we use sophisticated technology to ensure louvres are evenly spaced to achieve a polished and perfect look.


Want the look? Why not enquire with us today and speak directly with our dedicated team to find the perfect style for you!

They Give Superior Light & Privacy Control

For many, the biggest attraction to shutters is the ease in which you can control light levels to suit you. Urban shutters unique ‘duplex’ feature on the tilt bar means you can keep the top louvres open to allow light in whilst keep the bottom louvres closed for privacy within the home. This makes them a great solution for bathrooms and bedrooms, when natural light is needed but where privacy is required.

They’re Insulating

Especially important as winter draws in, shutters help to keep heating costs down due to the clever cell structure of the louvres and the same goes for air conditioning throughout the summer months. For family homes, shift workers or those living in built up areas, they also help reduce outside noise to ensure restful nights!

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They’ll Stay Looking Good

To give that sleek and elegant appearance, our shutters are designed with ultra-strong polysilk vinyl creating a sturdy, long lasting shutter. For busier households, every day wear and tear such as scratches or marks don’t affect the finish - you can simply sand them out! They perform remarkably well in bathrooms and kitchens as their high quality polysilk vinyl protects them from moisture damage making them water-resistant. Should the louvres face any significant damage, they can be easily and individually replaced. There’s a reason we give ours a 10yr warranty.

They’re Easy to Use and Clean - and Child Safe!

It’s an obvious one, but shutters are so easy to operate. Just use the tilt rod or open the louvres themselves. They’re also easy to clean - soap and lukewarm does a great job at removing mucky finger prints. More importantly, they’re child safe as they do not need cords to operate.

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They’re Responsibly Made

Our shutters are environmentally friendly, meeting all regulations relating to the emission of organic compounds and are 100% recyclable, eliminating waste management issues. If you’re considering shutters for your home or simply want to know more information check out some of the resources below or make a direct enquiry to our dedicated team below.

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