Automate your man cave with One Touch motorised blinds

Louvolite One Touch motorised blinds are perfect whether you're looking for smart home technologies to automate your man cave, or you just want the convenience of a remote control or app to open and close your window blinds.

One Touch automatic blinds offer a number of control options, from their own remote control to the One Touch smartphone app, or completely hands-free scheduled operation.

That means you can set them to open at a certain time in the morning, so that your man cave is ready and waiting for you when you wake up.

Smart tech for 'digital housekeeping'

Using smart tech like motorised window blinds is called 'digital housekeeping' by researchers in a recent issue of Buildings and Cities. Line Kryger Aagaard and Line Valdorff Madsen of Aalborg University in Denmark give the example of 'Adam', who loves to integrate smart technologies into his home.

This includes smart window blinds, remote controlled robot vacuum cleaners, and other quality-of-life technologies to take the effort out of housekeeping.

"Adam has no technical background and does not work with IT," the researchers write. "However, his father has always been interested in technology and Adam believes he has inherited this."

Automating your man cave

One Touch motorised blinds are a great way to automate your man cave, or any room in your home, so that it works around your lifestyle without direct interaction from you.

Scheduled window blinds are especially useful in rooms you don't use every day, such as recreational rooms in garden outbuildings, where your motorised blinds can close automatically every night for better security and privacy.

Inside the home, remote control window blinds are a great gadget, especially if you link multiple One Touch blinds so that you can control the entire room at a single touch.

Not just for men

Of course, Louvolite motorised blinds are not just for men, and you don't need to be tech-savvy in order to use them.

Intuitive control options mean whether you schedule your blinds, use them via the app or prefer a dedicated remote, you're just a tap away from sunlight or security without doing anything more than lifting a finger.

You could even opt for One Touch automatic blinds if you have a home cinema room with windows, to close blackout blinds when you're ready to project a movie.

Find out more

Whether you're a gadget guru or you want to embrace hands-free housekeeping, Louvolite motorised blinds with One Touch remote control can help - and you don't need to work in IT in order to use them.

To find out more or to arrange a demonstration, contact your nearest Louvolite stockist, who will be happy to discuss all of the options with you, from the type of remote control through to the range of fabrics compatible with the One Touch system.

Just click Find a Stockist to locate a Louvolite dealer near you or read more about motorised blinds under our Discover page, where you can see all the different remote controls to choose from.