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Cut Energy Bills with Cellular Blinds

Whether you're worried about your energy bills, your carbon footprint or both, cellular blinds are the simple solution to improve the energy efficiency of your home, acting both as privacy blinds and also as a layer of thermal insulation for the glass of your doors and windows.

Large plate glass windows are a joy on sunny days, letting in the natural daylight and giving you unobstructed views out across your garden or surrounding countryside. But they are not energy efficient, and even triple glazing will only go so far to prevent heat loss in winter and excessive heating by the sun in summer.

Pleated blinds and honeycomb cellular blinds can both help to overcome this dual problem of cold winters and hot summers, by giving you thermally insulating blinds that you can close across the glass when you need to, but also easily open when you want.


Benefits of Window Blinds for Insulation

No matter what windows and doors you may have, there are many benefits of window blinds for insulation against summer heat coming in, and against heat loss from inside during winter.

Some of the specific advantages of insulating window blinds include:

  • No need to change your existing windows and doors for double glazed or triple glazed units.
  • No drilling or screwing when you choose the Louvolite Perfect Fit system to install cellular window blinds.
  • No problems installing blinds on push-out windows or tilt & turn windows when you choose Perfect Fit Konnect magnetic frames.
  • No need to get planning permission to install window blinds in heritage properties, listed properties and conservation zones.
  • No unsightly secondary glazing or stick-on thermal window films - just your choice of designer fabrics and style of blind.

If you have single glazing that cannot be replaced, or you have double or triple glazing and want even better energy efficiency, cellular blinds are a fantastic way to achieve it.

How Much Energy Do Cellular Blinds Save?

It's impossible to put a precise number on how much energy cellular blinds save, as it will depend on variables like the size of your windows and the type of installation you choose.

For the best results, go for Louvolite Perfect Fit blinds, which have a significantly reduced gap around the sides and can be installed to almost any type of window or door.

Combining Perfect Fit blinds on every external door and window in your room, with our highest energy rated cellular fabrics, you can expect to save up to 15% on your typical heating bills for the room.

Remember, cellular blinds will also help in the summer months by keeping excess solar energy out of the house, so you'll save on your air conditioning running costs too.

Want To Know More?

If you'd like to know more about pleated blinds, cellular blinds and their potential impact on your utility bills and the thermal comfort of your home, speak to your nearest Louvolite stockist for friendly face-to-face advice.

You can search on our website to find a Louvolite stockist near you - just tick the Pleated/Cellular box to filter your search results if you want a dealer who specialises in Louvolite pleated and cellular blinds.