How to clean your blinds

Once you know how to clean blinds, it's easy to keep them dust-free with minimal effort - just a gentle wipe here and there should be all it takes on most occasions.

The exact process of how to clean blinds depends on which type of blinds you have, so we've put together some quick guides below to help you out.

If you need any more help, just get in touch with your nearest Louvolite stockist, who should have some more handy hints and hacks for you on how to clean window blinds.


How to clean vertical blinds

Just use a duster - either a soft, dry, lint-free cloth or a microfibre 'feather' duster - to gently wipe down the vertical vanes from top to bottom.

Most of the dust should be captured by your cloth or duster, but you can quickly vacuum under the vertical blinds afterwards to pick up anything that landed on your floor.

How to clean Venetian blinds

The more often you move Venetian blinds, the less dusty they get, so be sure to open and close your blinds regularly and retract them when you want to let full daylight in.

You can get specially designed Venetian blind dusters, which slot between the slats to dust several from both sides at once.

Alternatively, use a similar technique as you would for vertical blinds - close the blinds and dust them as a single surface, and you might not need to give too much attention to the areas where the individual slats overlap.

How to clean fabric blinds

There are lots of different types of fabrics used in window blinds, so knowing how to clean fabric blinds depends on the material used on yours.

Some light materials may be suitable for gentle hand washing, but for thicker fabrics this might not be a good option.

You'll often find you can clean fabric blinds just by dusting them, or using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, combined with careful spot cleaning where necessary.

How to clean roller blinds

Roller blinds often last longer in between cleans, because for much of the time the blind fabric is rolled away inside its cassette.

If yours need a clean, it's a good idea to fully extend the blinds, so that you clean the whole fabric at once - this is more efficient and keeps all of the fabric equally clean.

A soft dry cloth or duster is the best place to start. When cleaning roller blinds of more stubborn dirt, use a slightly damp cloth instead and the dirt should lift right off.

Need some help?

For more tips and tricks for cleaning window blinds, just ask - you'll find our customer services and technical support details on our Contact page.

Alternatively, call into your nearest Louvolite stockist for a friendly face-to-face chat, and you should be able to get some expert advice on how to clean Louvolite blinds of all types.