How to save the most energy with Louvolite window blinds

Louvolite window blinds offer several ways to save energy by reducing heat loss through windows and away from your home during the winter months.

With a fantastic range of blinds to keep heat in, you don't have to compromise on aesthetics, in order to add an insulating effect to your windows.

Here's our handy guide to installing window blinds to keep heat in your home, and cutting utility bills by reducing heat loss through windows.

Save Energy wit Louvolite Blinds

1. Check the window frame

First of all, check your window frames for any draughts and get them sealed or even refitted if necessary - window blinds can help, but it's important to have well-fitting windows to begin with.

Bear in mind that adding anything like secondary glazing could affect the types of window blinds you can install, so just give this some thought and let your Louvolite stockist know if you need advice on working around any unusual window insulation.

2. Choose Cellular blinds

In terms of your actual blinds, Cellular blinds are an excellent option for heat retention, thanks to the unique honeycomb structure of the fabrics used.

Cellular blinds are suitable for any room in the house, and some of our fabrics also come with SPC or ESP, two special coatings that can reflect heat, keeping it in the home in winter and also out of the home on hot summer days.

This makes Cellular and Pleated blinds a great choice all year round - you can view our updated brochure for 2023 on our Brochures page.

3. Go for Perfect Fit blinds

Louvolite blinds are made to fit, but if you want them as snug as possible in the window frame, Perfect Fit blinds are the best option.

Perfect Fit blinds are designed for easy installation, with the smallest possible gaps along any edges when your window blinds are closed.

Compatible with many of our popular types of window blinds, Perfect Fit helps keep out any draughts for warmer rooms during the wintertime.

4. Add One Touch automation

Automatic motorised blinds allow you to close all the blinds in a room at the touch of a button, whether you use a dedicated remote control, smartphone or smart speaker app, or an attached control wand.

One Touch automation for Louvolite window blinds means there's no delay when it starts to feel cold in a room, or if the sun goes behind a persistent bank of clouds.

Just call on One Touch to close your blinds, and you'll instantly have that extra insulating effect - especially if you have Perfect Fit Cellular blinds installed.

5. Close blinds at night

Last but not least, remember to close blinds at night to keep heat in and to prevent unnecessary heat loss through windows.

One Touch blinds can do this automatically according to a user-defined schedule, and all Louvolite blinds are designed for user-friendly operation in a matter of seconds.

For more information about how Perfect Fit Cellular blinds can help keep your home warm, read our 2023 Cellular & Pleated Blinds brochure, or ask your local Louvolite stockist.