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How to Style Your Bathroom: 2020's Top Trends

Planning a bathroom renovation this year? Despite it being a typically smaller room, bathrooms pack serious potential when it comes to interior decorating. Manipulating light levels, creating the illusion of more space and setting the mood are all ways to make a very ordinary space, a very beautiful one. Let's run through some of 2020's biggest emerging trends for bathroom interiors...

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It’s true what they say, opposites attract. High-contrast interiors aim to balance light and dark to add depth and vibrance to even the smallest of bathrooms. This contemporary way to style promotes an air of cleanliness and organisation to help create more space and clarity.

When creating a high-contrast interior, natural light is everything. Here, we'd recommend Vision Blinds. Not only will they give you fantastic light control but also a structured, sleek appeal that will blend into your decor beautifully.

Get the look: Vision Tuscany Dove Grey


Marble promotes cleanliness and purity, perfect for rooms where hygiene is noted most! Reflecting natural light beautifully and brightening even the smallest of rooms, marble is a great choice for smaller bathrooms. Pictured, we've paired Cellular blinds in a Perfect Fit frame to ensure a smooth, seamless finish. Or, opt for our popular marble roller for a luxurious centre-piece.


A very contrasting trend to the above, natural textures are a popular option within the home due to it's cosy appeal. Blending elements that are inspired by nature evoke a warm, earthy feel making for a comforting, and warming atmosphere.

The secret here is appreciating the imperfections of these natural textures and their ability to add character to your decor. For soft, natural light filtering, why not opt for our Hampton roller blind to give a beautiful neutral finish.

Get the look: Perfect Fit, Hampton Sea Breeze Roller Blind


Minimalist decor is a forward thinking design principle that aims to help create space, light and order within the home. In today’s world, leaving on display only the necessities within the bathroom means quicker, stress-free morning routines and clarity of mind for bedtime unwinding. This functional approach works for many contemporary designers, who are opting for basic shapes, primary colours and raw materials for inspiration.

In a space so open and airy a blackout blind is an essential. Why not opt for a classic roller to maintain a tranquil, smart appeal without compromising on privacy.

Get the look: Primary Blackout Charcoal Roller Blind


Who said bathrooms have to be boring? High-impact, playful, rich; tropical prints look beautiful within the bathroom. Rich greens and yellows help energise the room to create a unique vibrant atmosphere.

If you're looking for a statement print blind, opt for our Palm Leaf roller blind. Perfect for the bathroom environment, this vibrant fabric is moisture resistant and anti-bacterial making it perfect for a more humid environment.

Get the look: Palm Leaf Roller Blind


Creating atmosphere is everything when it comes to bathroom interior. Dark Luxe styling and a monochromatic colour scheme can help achieve a calm and secure feel, making for a private, luxurious and spa-like experience. For a glamorous and sultry feel, try our romany light grey roller blind to complete your dark luxe look.

Get the look: Romany Light Grey Roller

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