Make your home more energy efficient with Louvolite

Even the best insulating windows are a prime candidate for heat loss during the winter months, when cold exposed glass can sap the warmth out of your home - but do blinds reduce heat loss when they're closed?

The short answer is yes, blinds can help to retain thermal energy inside your home by acting as a barrier to prevent it from reaching the cold glass of your windows.

Louvolite cellular blinds in particular have a unique honeycomb structure to enhance the thermal barrier effect, keeping your home warmer and reducing your energy bills and central heating consumption through the winter.

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Do blinds reduce heat loss?

Any closed covering over a window will help to reduce heat loss in winter and cold weather, although it depends on the type of window blinds you choose.

Thin fabric blinds will normally have the smallest effect, followed by more solid wood or aluminium venetian blinds, and Louvolite cellular blinds with their insulating structure will typically retain the most heat.

Other factors will also affect heat loss from windows, including double and triple glazing, whether the blinds are open or closed, and how well they fit - Louvolite Perfect Fit blinds are ideal if you want to create the most effective thermal barrier.

Enhance the benefits with cellular blinds

Louvolite cellular blinds - especially if you opt for Perfect Fit frames - are a great way to keep your home warm no matter how cold the UK winter gets this year.

They enhance your windows' thermal insulation in several ways:

  • Closed blinds create a thermal barrier to reduce heat transmissivity
  • Honeycomb structure maximises insulating effect
  • Perfect Fit frames reduce heat loss around the edges

All of this adds up to a warmer, more comfortable room with less energy consumption, lower heating bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

A year-round solution

Louvolite window blinds are not only thermally efficient in winter; they can also keep your home comfortable in the warmer months.

Cellular and pleated blinds are available in a range of different fabrics to keep out the heat of the sun during summer, including:

  • Blackout blinds to reduce incoming heat from visible sunlight
  • SPC (Solar Protective Coating) to reduce glare and reflect heat
  • Perfect Fit frames reduce heat loss around the edges

More information about all of these options is available from your nearest Louvolite dealer - just use the search our website to find a stockist near you.

Want to know more?

To find out more about Louvolite cellular and pleated blinds, Perfect Fit window blinds, SPC and ESP fabrics, just ask your local Louvolite stockist who will be happy to help.

You can also read our Cellular & Pleated Blinds brochure to learn all about how our pleated and cellular blinds help to keep the heat inside your home in winter.

So whether you want a warmer winter, a cooler summer or both, make sure your windows aren't letting you down - and you can look forwards to a comfy, cosy Christmas with less spending on wasted energy in the New Year.