Achieving maximum darkness with blackout blinds

No blackout blinds are 100% effective - there will always be a little light that enters around the edges of the frame - but Louvolite blackout blinds give you the best chance to achieve maximum darkness, without compromising on aesthetics.

Our choice of stylish fabrics for blackout shades, innovative frame systems like Perfect Fit blinds, and easy-to-operate styles like Louvolite blackout roller blinds mean you have every opportunity to make your room as dark as you want it, no matter what time of day or night.

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Why choose blackout roller blinds?

Blackout roller blinds are a good way to maximise the darkness in the room when the blinds are closed, as they use a single panel of fabric instead of separate vanes or louvres.

Close the blinds and you create a solid barrier between your room and your windows, allowing the fabric to deliver to its full light-blocking potential.

This is also true with our semi-transparent fabrics, so even if you're not looking for a full blackout effect, roller blinds deliver the fabric's full specifications.

What are Perfect Fit blackout blinds?

Perfect Fit blackout blinds use the innovative Louvolite Perfect Fit frame system to install your blinds snugly into all types of door and window frames.

Using Perfect Fit Konnect, you can fix the frames in place using magnetic strips - no drilling or screwing into aluminium or wooden window frames, and direct contact to minimise any gaps where light can penetrate.

The result is reliable blackout shades, which offer unparalleled performance when blocking out unwanted sunlight or night-time light pollution from outside.

Do blackout blinds work?

Yes, they do! Although their overall performance depends on the quality of installation - and how well the blinds fit your window - they can be highly effective at reducing ambient light levels in a room.

If you need to sleep in the daytime, you suffer from light-sensitive migraines or you just want a dark place to relax on long, hot summer days, blackout roller blinds can be an effective solution.

Choosing a fabric for blackout blinds

You can see samples of our blackout roller blind fabrics by selecting 'Blockout' on the 'Designs & Finishes' list in our samples selector.

It's worth noting that blockout fabrics don't have to be dark in colour - it's about how well the fabric prevents light penetration, not how light or dark the fabric itself appears to be.

This means that your blackout blinds can match the design scheme of your room, even if it's light and airy. We even have styles like ABC Characters suitable for children's rooms and nurseries.

Find out more

You can find out more about blackout blinds - and about all of our roller blinds and other window blinds - from your local Louvolite retailer.

Just tap the 'Find a Stockist' button at the top of the page for a quick and easy postcode search, and we'll give you the details of a Louvolite retailer near you, who will be happy to discuss blackout blinds with you.