Roller Blinds

If the motor runs when you are trying to pair the handset to the blind, release the button and press and hold the button again. The blind should now jog and be in pairing mode.

To learn how to pair the remote control to the blind and set the up and down limits; please visit this link here 

If the motor isn’t pairing to the controller; try holding in the button on the motor and turning off the power for 10 seconds.

Once you have done this, please visit this link on information on pairing the handset and setting the upper/lower limits 

If the motor has forgotten or wont store the limits please visit this link – also note that when setting the limits on the 36mm 6000 series motor the top limit must always be set first.

If the motor stops working after a few operations this is because the thermal cut-out has been activated.

Please avoid continuously operating your blind within a short space of time to avoid overheating the motor.