The benefits of Perfect Fit blinds for your home

Louvolite Perfect Fit blinds are the perfect solution when you want window blinds that block the maximum amount of light and heat around their edges.

Designed to fit even more snugly into the door or window, Perfect Fit blinds help our blackout blinds to do their job in providing additional energy efficiency.

They're easy to install and do not need any drilling or screwing, allowing them to be used in an even greater variety of doorways, windows and other locations.

We want to give you the best choice of blinds to suit your home - which is why Perfect Fit is compatible with our roller, vision, venetian, pleated and cellular blinds and a huge range of fabrics and textures.

Louvolite - Fitted Blinds

What are the benefits of Perfect Fit blinds?

When you install Perfect Fit blinds, the frame attaches to the door or window and moves with it as it's opened and closed, resulting in a sleek and slick finish that looks great as part of classic and contemporary interior design schemes alike.

There are no trailing cords - instead we offer a choice of child-friendly and pet-friendly ways to operate your Perfect Fit blinds.

And because of the way the blinds are mounted to the window, they do not clutter your windowsills.

Your choice of control

Perfect Fit blinds put you in control, with easy manual operation that does not require any trailing chains or pull cords.

For even more effortless opening and closing, add One Touch motorisation to your blinds, which enables them to be adjusted via remote control or from a smartphone or tablet.

You can also connect One Touch to your smart speaker (e.g. Google Home or Amazon Echo) and adjust your blinds by voice control.

It's the ideal option if you have blinds on high windows and skylights, if anyone in your home has mobility problems, or if you just want the convenience of opening your entire room's blinds in a single action.

The types of Perfect Fit blinds

We offer several types of Perfect Fit blinds to suit different challenges:

Perfect Fit Universal

Perfect Fit Universal can be installed inside or outside the recess on windows, doors, skylights, lanterns and mobile homes.

Perfect Fit International

Perfect Fit International offers neat installation on irregularly shaped windows and roofs, e.g. on conservatories, orangeries and apex roofs.

Perfect Fit Intermediate Support

Perfect Fit Intermediate Support includes an additional T-shaped support to help maintain the strength and structure of window blinds more than 1.4m wide.

If you have any questions about Perfect Fit blinds or you're ready to place your order, please contact your nearest Louvolite stockist who will be happy to help you make your final choices of fabric and proceed with your order.