Save Money with Louvolite window shading

Save Money
with Louvolite
window shading

How to make your home more energy efficient with Louvolite window shading

As the weather begins to change, it’s the perfect time to start winter-proofing your home. Energy efficiency has become a top priority for everyone due to rising energy costs and one proven way to save energy is by installing blinds and shutters. You can take some measures to make a real difference in reducing energy consumption, so we’ve compiled a few tips below that will help you keep your house warm this winter with our most effective window shading.

The flow of heat transfer through windows is displayed above using infrared imaging. The red areas highlight the heat loss that occurs when there are no window coverings - the warm air inside the room cools as it hits the cold glass in the window.

Keeping the house warmer & preventing heat loss

There are plenty of different ways to prevent the heat from escaping such as cavity wall insulation but that can be a costly solution. Having double glazed windows can also help reduce heat loss by 54%- to 64. A great way to keep the heat inside is to choose a window shade to help reduce the warm air from leaking out. Depending on the type of fabric, this can act as additional insulation for your windows and doors. They'll give your home a stylish lift too.

Read below for our recommendations of window blinds that would create a thermal barrier.




Our number one recommendation for thermal blinds would be Cellular as they help you reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows by up to 55%. They're made up of honeycomb-shaped cells that trap air and create a barrier between your warm room and the cold window to help keep your space at a comfortable temperature. They're suitable for all rooms in the house but are particularly effective in conservatories and garden rooms, which get very cold in the winter months.

Fabric featured | Cellular - Halo Sea Mist

Perfect Fit


Roller blinds on their own can reduce heat loss by up to 13% but paired with the Perfect Fit® frame you can add more insulation as it sits nicely with the window frame. Our blockout fabrics such as our eco-friendly Carnival Blackout & light filtering range can also be paired with Perfect Fit®. By choosing blinds made from sustainable materials you can further reduce your environmental impact. The extra thickness helps create an additional barrier between the inside of your home and the outside.

Fabric featured | Roller - Shiloh Mirage

Perfect Fit


Fitting a blind within a window recess will keep more heat in than if the blind was installed over the recess. Perfect Fit® Cellular blinds are ideal for keeping the cold out and the heat in. Their honeycomb structure combined with a Perfect Fit® frame creates a more effective thermal barrier to provide additional insulation.

Fabric featured | Cellular - Luna Dusky Rose



Urban Shutters are also ideal when it comes to energy saving. As the shutters are made from polysilk vinyl, they act as an additional thermal barrier between the inside and outside. Urban Shutters sit nice and snug to your windows and help reduce heat loss by 28%. They are excellent for reducing the amount of cold air that can slip through the gaps of your window frame. You can also tilt the louvres during the day to benefit from additional light, yet gain additional insulation and privacy at night by tilting the louvres into the closed position.

Everything You Need To Know About Urban Shutters

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