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Set your sleep schedule with blackout blinds

Window blackout blinds aren't just a way to control the light coming into your room - they could also be the key to a good night's (or day's) sleep. A regular sleep schedule can help you to stay more alert throughout the day and can improve the quality of sleep you get too, but it's not always easy to get that rest. During summer in particular, daylight starts to creep in from the early hours of the morning and lasts until late evening, making blackout blinds a worthy investment.

Set Your Sleep Schedule with Blackout Blinds

Seasonal Effects


Many people find it hard to sleep unless the room they are in is very dark. Even the first light of dawn or the lingering glow of sunset can be disturbing if you're one of those people. Louvolite Perfect Fit® blackout blinds compensate by blocking out most of the light so that you can control your environment and create the conditions you need to fall asleep. This is hard to achieve with standard sizes of blinds, which are unlikely to fully reach the edges of your windows in the way Perfect Fit blinds are designed to do.

Suit Yourself


Even if you find it easy to sleep at night, you might not always want to sleep at the 'normal' time of day, for example if you are a shift worker or suffer from fatigue. Window blackout blinds give you the option to sleep during the daytime instead. Whether it's because of your schedule, a medical condition or just a matter of personal taste, you get valuable control back over your life.

Shining Lights


If you've just moved house and discovered an unnoticed lamppost outside your master bedroom window, or the local council have swapped a previously dim streetlamp for a dazzling LED bulb, blackout blinds are the go-to option. You shouldn't have to live with sleepless nights due to light pollution from outside your property, but it's often easier to deal with it by installing blackout window blinds than trying to negotiate with a neighbour or local authority to move a light.

Children's Blinds


Children's blackout blinds can be a gamechanger if your kids struggle to sleep for any reason - even if you put a nightlight in the room so it's not pitch black. Children's blinds again work well as privacy blinds, so you don't need to worry about anyone from outside of your property seeing in. Equally importantly, you don't need to worry about safety when you install child-friendly Perfect Fit window blinds, which are constructed with no loose cords or loops that could put your child at risk when left alone.

Protect Your Privacy


Blackout blinds make excellent privacy blinds, as you know they will block any light from passing through - so there's no risk of being seen through them if your bedroom is brightly lit at night. Again, Perfect Fit blinds are an even better option, as they leave no gaps at the edges where prying eyes might be able to peep through. If you're concerned about your privacy either at night when your room is lit, or when getting ready for sleep in the daytime, Perfect Fit blackout blinds can bring peace of mind.

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