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Six Surprising Ways Blackout Fabrics
Can Benefit Your Home

Nothing quite beats a good nights sleep, but in world that never stops we know sometimes just how difficult that can be. Noise, light pollution and even the weather are all factors that can throw off our sleeping patterns.

Blackout fabric is specifically designed to block out light coming into your home, creating darkness when you need it most. What's more, blackout fabric can provide better privacy, reduce noise from outside your windows and even help to insulate your home. We've broken down six of the biggest benefits of having blackout fabric in your home in a simple and handy list below!

Could you benefit from blackout fabrics?

So, who benefits? Restless sleepers, young children, shift-workers and migraine sufferers are just some of the people that will really feel the difference. For those living in bustling urban areas, close to a main road or even beneath a flight path, blackout fabric provides that much needed barrier so that you can rest easy when it matters most.

So, what are the benefits?

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Street lamps, car lights and general light pollution are all disruptions that can be quickly eliminated by installing a blackout fabric into your home. Blackout fabric can also help you maintain a proper sleeping pattern throughout the year, no matter the seasonal changes.

Highly effective within children's bedrooms, blackout fabric provides darkness making for stress free bedtime routines!

The same applies for shift-workers; to mimick the effects of night time darkness, a blackout fabric with provide a calmer, more relaxing environment to rest in.

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Great for the oncoming winter season, blackout fabrics can actually provide better insulation for the home, meaning reduced energy consumption and more money saved on household bills!

This is because blackout fabric is naturally a thicker fabric, making for a stronger defence against escaping heat. Similarly, you can expect a cooler home if you keep blackout shades down throughout the summer months. For this time of year, our recommendation would be Cellular blinds for their fantastic energy efficiency!

Read more about Cellular for this Winters most sought after blind...

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Blackout fabrics also have the added benefit of being noise repressing, the perfect solution for those living in urban areas or near motorways/main roads, making for a peaceful living environment no matter the time of day.

The added noise repression barrier can make for a disruption free sleep, especially for light sleepers and children!

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Especially idea for bathroom and bedrooms, blackout fabrics can provide better privacy within the home, a vital step in creating a safe and comfortable living space you can relax in.

As well as concealing the view from the outside, blackout fabrics cleverly conceal the view from inside.

Our insider tip: consider the benefits of protecting your interiors and upholstery from sun damage as blackout fabrics can play a huge part in safeguarding your furniture during the brighter summer months, saving you money in the long run!

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In recent years working from home has become increasingly common and having a blackout fabrics in your office can help to provide a private and distraction-free zone, with plenty of light control options depending on your preferred working conditions.

For the ultimate in shading control, discover our double bracket system!

If you’re boasting your very own cinema room (we’re definitely jealous) blackout fabrics can reduce light within your living space so that your projections are sharp and clear. All of our Disney fabrics are blackout, check our our Star Wars™ cinema room (left)


Our blackout fabric can be found in any blind style from the classic roller to innovative Perfect Fit system. In a huge variety of on-trend colours and patterns, the options presented when considering a blackout fabric are plentiful.

Try Perfect Fit for a seamless blackout that fits flush against the window with no drilling required! Or, opt for panel for a solution to wider width windows and to really make an impact with one of our stunning fabric designs! For a smart year-round solution, try our double bracket system to combine a sheer with a blackout to really get the best of both fabrics.

What ever your style, make it blackout! Why not enquire with your stockist today to find out more...

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