The best blinds for children's rooms

Louvolite are proud to supply the best blinds for children's rooms, with a range of high-performance and educational fabrics for window blinds that do more than just block out the light.

Sleep is essential for healthy development, but many urban settings suffer from light pollution due to street lamps and neighbouring properties.

Even in rural areas, early sunrises and late sunsets in summer can mean it stays light in children's bedrooms at times when the child is trying to sleep.

Louvolite children's blinds overcome this problem with a variety of dimout levels to choose from and Perfect Fit frames to reduce light leakage around the edges of the blind.

Child-safe blinds for children's rooms

Louvolite children's bedroom blinds and playroom blinds use design features that remove the risk of a small child becoming tangled in the blinds or cords.

For example, instead of trailing cords, our child-safe vertical blinds can use a rigid wand for easy adjustment, or One Touch motorised blinds which can be adjusted via remote control.

One Touch technology is especially good for children's blinds as it can be controlled via smart speaker, allowing your child to open and close their own blinds with a spoken command (if you want to give them that ability!).

All of this is in addition to the privacy that comes from having easy-to-operate window blinds in children's rooms, to prevent prying eyes from seeing into the room from outside.

What are the best blinds for children's rooms?

We offer an extensive range of children's blinds. Some of the most popular options include:

Children's Roller Blinds

One of the simplest types of window blinds, children's Perfect Fit roller blinds feature attractive fabrics with educational designs, such as ABC's, animals and geometric shapes.

To close the blind, just pull it down and lock it into place. When released, the fabric will roll back up, tucking away neatly at the top of the window.

Children's Pleated Blinds

Pleated fabrics work much like roller blinds, but instead of rolling up, they are folded into a tight concertina shape.

This again gives a solid fabric panel when the blinds are closed, delivering on the thermal and blackout properties of your chosen fabric.

Children's Vertical Blinds

If you prefer the look of vertical blinds, panel blinds and our Vision or Allusion ranges, we supply these with cord tidies to ensure children can't get tangled in the pull cords.

For more information, visit our page about Child Safety or ask your local Louvolite stockist, who will be able to go into more detail about all our different options for child-safe blinds.

Ask a stockist

To find out more about Louvolite's best blinds for children's rooms, take a look at our complete child-safe blinds range on our website and request sample fabrics you can use when decorating your nursery, playroom or child's bedroom.

If you have any other questions, just enter your postcode into our Find a Stockist search, and we'll help you get in touch with a Louvolite dealer in your area who will be happy to help.