The Versatility of Vertical Window Blinds

The Versatility of Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical window blinds hold an important place in a world of home design, functioning as both a visual accent and a highly functional aspect of a room's environmental control. If you are considering an upgrade to your window treatments or currently in the middle of home renovation, the unassuming vertical blind may be just the solution you need.

These blinds are well-loved for their ability to control light and privacy while also offering a sleek, modern look to any room. Vertical blinds' mechanism allows for a smoother transition when drawing or opening, making them ideal for large windows and sliding doors. They’re also a breeze to clean and maintain, which is music to the ears of busy households.

Our vertical blinds range features an eclectic mix of beautiful window blinds designs in contemporary colourways, seductive suedes, exotic grass effects and organic natural hues, all of which will create window blinds of pure distinction.

Create something special with Argent Mercury, a sophisticated, lustrous jacquard or an eye-catching print like Bamboo Pacific or keep things simple at the window for a minimalist interior with our neutral textures and recycled content plains.

Don’t forget the finishing touches!

Available in a range of six contemporary colours, Slimline Vogue® is our UK designed and manufactured premium operating system that can co-ordinate or contrast with your fabric. For a contemporary aesthetic there’s the option of ‘sewn in’ weights and ‘gravity weights’, removing the need for chain and finishing off your blind perfectly.

The Evolution of Vertical blinds with

Allusion® Blinds are an innovative take on the traditional Vertical blind design. They combine the best aspects of sheers and vertical blinds, featuring a unique patented weave that allows you to gently filter light into your room while maintaining your privacy. Their innovative design allows you to walk through the closed blind while having your doors open. Therefore, they are a perfect solution for large windows, bi-folds and patio doors.

Made from 100% polyester, Allusion® Blinds are durable and long-lasting, standing up to the challenge of daily use. They’re also versatile, fitting in seamlessly with a variety of decor styles. The beauty of Allusion® Blinds lies in their ability to give you control over light and privacy. With a simple twist of the wand, the sheer fabric lets in diffused light, creating an ethereal glow in your space. Rotate them further, and you have privacy without sacrificing natural light. Draw them open to one side, and you can enjoy an unobstructed view of your garden or cityscape.

The choice between Vertical and Allusion® blinds largely depends on your specific needs and interior design preferences. If you’re looking for functionality and ease of maintenance, vertical blinds might be the way to go. However, if you prefer a modern aesthetic with versatile light control, Allusion® blinds could provide the elegance and softness you're after.

So which one will you choose?

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