What are Allusion® blinds?

Louvolite Allusion® blinds are a unique and innovative concept to give you even more control over your privacy, security and the levels of light coming into your home.

So, what are Allusion® blinds? They combine sheer and opaque textured fabric vanes to create dual-purpose blinds that are ideal for windows and doors alike.

Like Louvolite Vertical blinds, the vertical louvres can slide to one side of the door or window, providing unobstructed views to the exterior.

Alternatively, adjust the opaque vanes to the open position and enjoy a 'View with Privacy', as the sheer fabric louvres allow you to see out but reduce visibility into your home from outside.

Finally, you can close the opaque louvres for Total Privacy, as the fabrics work together to completely block the view from passers-by.


Where are Allusion® blinds used?

Allusion® blinds can be used anywhere in the home, but they're especially well suited to larger windows and bifold doors, where you need to cover a large area but still want access.

Because the individual vertical vanes are completely separate from each other, Allusion blinds offer 'Walk Through' capability.

When you need to walk through the door, just push any two louvres apart and step through. The soft fabric will settle back into place behind you in an instant.

This feature makes Allusion® blinds ideal for conservatory blinds and patio doors, and can provide a physical barrier to prevent insects from getting into your home with your sliding doors open.

Motorised Allusion blinds with One Touch

The Louvolite One Touch system of automated and motorised blinds is compatible with Allusion®, giving you even more ways to operate your window blinds.

Once the One Touch motor is installed, you have the option to open and close your Allusion® blinds in several different ways:

• Using a dedicated remote control

• Using the One Touch app for Android/iOS

• Voice command via a compatible smart speaker

Motorised blinds are great if anyone in your home has impaired mobility, if you have pets or young children and don't want strings or chains to adjust your blinds, or if you have a large number of blinds (e.g. an entire conservatory) to open and close together.

With the app, you can schedule your Allusion® blinds to operate according to a timer function, even when you are not home - giving the impression that your property is occupied.

Any questions about Allusion?

If you would like to know more about Allusion® blinds, ask your local Louvolite stockist. You can search for Allusion® specialists on our Find A Stockist page just by entering your location.

You can also view our current range of designer window blind fabrics on our Samples page - use the 'Range' filter to only display Allusion blind fabrics.

Finally, you'll find more information about Allusion® blinds and all of our ranges in our Brochures, which you can read online or download in PDF format and save for later.

Allusion® blinds are some of the most innovative and contemporary window and door blinds available from Louvolite - so take a look and give your home the cutting-edge aesthetic it deserves.