What are Panel Blinds?

Louvolite panel blinds are a versatile way to shade larger windows, bi-folding and patio doors, giving a contemporary finish with stunning fabric options.

The larger fabric panels slot neatly into place to create a consistent barrier to shut out unwanted light, provide improved privacy for occupants, and keep interiors comfortable at different times of year.

With a choice of 3, 4 and 5-channel super-slim tracks, you can customise your panel blinds installation to suit your tastes, and to work with the space available in your home.

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What are panel blinds?

So, what exactly are panel blinds? The Louvolite panel blinds system includes a minimalist track into which the individual fabric panels are mounted.

Each panel is wider than conventional vertical blinds - about the same width as a typical doorway - allowing broad spans to be covered with just a few panels and giving a sense of division between indoor and outdoor spaces, or adjacent interiors.

You operate the blinds using a smooth chain control or semi-rigid wand, again giving you a choice of how you want to open and close your window blinds.

Finally, you can choose between side-draw and split-draw operation:

• Side Draw: The panels retract to one side of the window, stacking neatly behind one another.
• Split Draw: The blind opens from the centre, with panels retracting symmetrically to both sides.

Split-draw operation is perhaps best suited to the widest spans, but either method can be used in most cases, depending on the visual effect you prefer.

Where are panel blinds used?

Because Louvolite panel blinds use wider fabric panels to cover the space, they are an excellent option for larger spans, including:

• Larger windows and conservatories
• Bi-fold and patio doors
• Commercial spaces and offices

A wide choice of fabrics means the panels can be matched to your interior design scheme, with samples available on request to help with your design process.

Louvolite panel blinds can also be installed as a retractable room divider, a perfect option for open-plan homes to create intimacy and privacy, or for commercial spaces including open-plan offices, wedding venues and more.

What fabrics can I choose?

You can see all our current fabrics on the Louvolite website. Just browse to 'Samples' and choose 'Panel Blinds' from the 'Range' filter.

Some options you might want to consider for different spaces:

• ABC characters, planets, mermaids and unicorns for children's blinds
• Blockout and blackout blinds for extra light filtering
• Moisture-resistant blinds for bathrooms
• Carnival light filtering and blackout recycled fabrics made using PET bottle waste
• Textured material for even more tactile panels

If you're looking for something specific, speak to your local Louvolite dealer. They will be able to help you find the perfect panel blinds and show you fabric samples up close.

Find your Louvolite stockist

Use our simple Find a Stockist search to locate your nearest Louvolite dealer - just enter your postcode or start typing your address into the search box, and choose from the list that appears.

For panel blind specialists, just tick the 'Panel' filter and your search results will update to show you the Louvolite stockists in your local area who are experts in panel blinds.