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Why are electric blinds becoming so popular?

Electric blinds have been around for decades - so why are they seeing a surge in popularity in recent years?

Louvolite One Touch motorised blinds are a great example of how luxury motorised roller blinds have become affordable to many more people in the UK.

With the kinds of design features that were once restricted to the most expensive electric blinds only, One Touch blinds have made motorised blinds a reachable reality for many more households.

But it's not just about affordability, as One Touch electric blinds offer many innovative features that simply did not exist on motor blinds in the past.


Remote control blinds

Remote control blinds are nothing new, but One Touch offers a range of remote control options, some of which were impossible until just a few years ago.

For conventional operation, choose motorised blinds with a battery-powered remote control.

But if you're tech-savvy and want cutting-edge control of your window blinds, you can link them to your smartphone, tablet or smart speaker.

The app can even schedule your blinds to open and close at a certain time, meaning when you're away, your home will continue to look occupied without you even needing to access the app - perfect if you're going off-grid with no internet connection.

Multiple motorised blinds

There's a reason why One Touch got its name, and that's the ability to control multiple electric blinds with a single command.

Set fully or partially open instructions for all the different blinds in your room, give the command and watch as they respond in unison.

It's a deeply satisfying sight that never gets old, but in practical terms it also means your blinds - all of them - open and close faster without the need to manually adjust each set in turn.

This is especially useful in larger rooms with lots of windows, or in the case of conservatory blinds where you might have motorised blinds fitted to your windows and bifold or French doors.

Safety First

If you have young children in the house, electric roller blinds offer some useful safety features.

Enable voice activation via your smart speaker and the One Touch Hub, and your children will be able to close the blinds with a spoken command - no need to climb on chairs to reach adult-sized manual pull cords.

In fact, with One Touch there's no need for trailing pull cords at all, meaning you can have total confidence that your children or pets will not get tangled up in the window blinds cord while rushing past during playtime.

Find Out More

If you think electric blinds could be right for you, please take a look at our One Touch blinds brochure online or download the PDF version to learn more about the technology and the types of blinds that can be motorised.

When you're ready, find a Louvolite dealer near you and visit in person for a friendly face and honest advice, and we'll make sure we get you fully set up with designer window blinds, motorised by remote control, smart speaker or app.