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Louvolite’s new designs can be turned into reality extremely quickly. The company’s new fabric printing capabilities enables us to launch new concepts into the marketplace and stay on trend by introducing fashionable new fabrics rapidly.

Our fabric design and development teams travel the world attending key trade fairs and exhibitions, visiting the very best weavers, the most impressive designers and by keeping up to date with influential websites and blogs to identify the strongest trends that we think you’ll like for many years to come. Ideas and innovations that have been discovered at the shows can be quickly developed and brought to life at our UK based design studio and manufacturing plants.


Louvolite adds flexibility to quality and innovation in component engineering to create a winning formula which their customers know they can rely on. Louvolite is in sync with market demands. which means the company is always active in developing new systems and components, yet flexible enough to be reactive in its response to immediate requirements.

We are in control in every stage of the production life cycle using in-house resources, from research through to development, testing and launch we are in total control.

Our engineering design teams are constantly developing new concepts to keep Louvolite at the leading edge of window blind design. It assesses the market by keeping a diligent eye on technology developments worldwide.