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Blind Operation


Louvolite One Touch™ motorisation range provides a variety of innovative yet affordable solutions for both domestic and commercial projects that is child safe, simple and easy to use. Choose from the battery powered Magic Wand that hangs neatly next to the blind, the rechargeable Lithium motor with remote control operation that can be used anywhere in the room, or for large, modern windows install the mains powered AC motor.

Straightforward assembly with easy installation of battery operated solutions removes the need for mains wiring but the mains powered series is available for large installations.

The magic wand, available as either the 300 or 700 series, uses AA batteries and is suitable for windows less than 2m wide.

Economically maintained with its rechargeable battery, the Lithium 1100 series uses a sleek remote to control up to 42 blinds, separately or simultaneously. Suitable for windows less than 2.2m wide.

The AC motor, available as either the 1500 or 6000 series, has the ability to lift blinds up to 3m or 4m wide depending on the tube used.

Icons for the following blinds: Roller, Vertical, Roman, Pleated, Panel, Allusion, Cellular, Vision, Double Bracket

Chain Or Cord Control

The most traditional option for operating a blind, the chain or cord provides reliable, smooth operation and ensures the blind can be rolled up or down (side to side for vertical, panel and Allusion) easily to achieve the required level of shading.

Blinds with chains or cords must always be secured with a child safety device as the chains or cords pose as potential strangulation and entanglement hazards.

Icons for the following blinds: Vertical, Panel, Allusion

Monocommand Wand Control

Sitting neatly at the edge of the blind, the wand can tilt the vertical and Allusion louvres for various shading or pull the wand side to side to fully open or close the vertical, panel and Allusion blinds.

Icons for the following blinds: Roller, Vision

Crank Handle Control

Used with the System 40®, the crank handle is a 2 part control that consists of a strong, durable clutch which attaches to the system tube, and an aluminium wand that attaches and detaches from the clutch. Crank the end of the wand (available as either 1.2m or 2m) and rotate to raise or lower the blind. When not in use the wand can be stored away using a fixing ring or clip.

Icons for the following blinds: Roller

Soft Rise Spring Return

Used with the System 32® or System 40®, the soft rise spring return quietly raises the blind smoothly up to the pre-set upper stop upon release. Safe by design as there are no chains or cords.

Icons for the following blinds: Roller, Vertical, Roman, Pleated, Panel, Allusion, Cellular, Vision, Double Bracket

Double Bracket

The double bracket can be operated manually with chain or motorised for convienience with Louvolite One Touch™. The double bracket holds two individually operated roller blinds vertically aligned for maximum light control. A screen or dimout fabric alongside a blackout fabric creates many shade and privacy options, and you can pick from our stunning collection of roller and Vision blinds.

Icons for the following blinds: Roller, Vision

Louvolite Perfect Fit®

Operated inside the safe by design Louvolite Perfect Fit® frame (which clicks into uPVC window and door frames) using concealed cords for the pleated and venetian blinds or a spring for the roller blinds.

Icons for the following blinds: Roller, Pleated